Making travel better
through technology

F17 helps transport businesses apply technology to transform customer experience and efficiency.

We have a flexible approach, and a breadth of skills across a range of technology centric areas.

A selection of our work areas are below - or contact us to discuss a tailored approach.


Retail and Ticketing

Retail and ticketing is a core area of expertise - covering all aspects from internet retailing, barcode ticketing/mobile ticketing, complex smartcard standards, through to account based alternatives.

F17 has provided consultancy support to a range of private and public sector clients - covering not just the technology, but also the political and supplier ecosystems.

We recognise that ticketing can be complex, and some experts hard to understand - we can provide plain English introduction to ticketing seminars or tailored training - which can be invaluable to new managers or suppliers in the sector.


Data feeds and APIs

We are familiar with a wide range of data sources, including timetables, fares, reservations and real-time data.

We have implemented solutions for web, mobile and display screens using the industry leading journey planners.

We have used data feeds for ad-hoc analysis, and to develop microsites to support consultancy projects


Data visualisation and analysis

We analyse complex datasets for insights, and present these in an engaging and highly visual manner.

We have invested in specialist data processing and visualisation tools, to allow efficient analysis of large datasets.


UK Rail Expertise

We have a deep understanding of the UK passenger railway.

This covers the key market features, franchise and regulatory structure, systems and suppliers.

We maintain an extensive library of reference and briefing materials, and are well placed to support potential suppliers to the market, through briefings or support to their bid teams - or to brief teams starting work in the sector.


Digital health check

Offering an external perspective on the digital opportunities for your business.

It can be difficult for smaller businesses to keep up with the fast pace of digital technology. Looking at the business as a whole, or focusing on a specific area, our Digital Health Check provides practical suggestions for how your business could embrace digital technology to improve customer experience, and/or drive efficiency.


Bespoke solutions

We can develop small-scale bespoke solutions.

Recent work has included

  • an online event registration system, capturing registrant details and taking payment by card or Paypal.
  • bespoke display screens - taking information from client system APIs to provide fully automated information displays.

We have also developed a wide range of prototypes, to grow our understanding and support our work - see